Hot beverages

Can we tempt you with a hot beverage on a cool autumn day? Try our creamy latte or tasty mint coffee.


White gløgg

There’s nothing quite like a warm, spiced glass of gløgg to get you into the Christmas spirit. Try our special white gløgg mix with a flavourful combination of apple and cinnamon.


Have a drink

Enjoy a delicious drink with your friends and family or as selfindulgence on a quiet day. Mix your own special variant with the new Tonic-collection from Nicolas Vahé. Perfect for spring- and summer evenings at the terrace.


Cool down

Cool down with a rich and creamy ice coffee. Try the three tempting variants of ice coffee shots from Nicolas Vahé and find your own personal favourite.

We can tempt you with ice coffee shots with the taste of Irish Rom Cream, Mint & Chocolate or Caramel Cream.

Find some inspiration to your own signature-ice coffee among our delicious recipes here:



Smoothie time

Enjoy a fresh smoothie in the summer heat. Try one of our 3 varieties that are all made of fresh fruits and vegetables – and with a sweet twist in the shape of Nicolas Vahé curd.