Bring comfort to the table

25.03.2019, House Doctor, Kitchen

At House Doctor, we present a dining sofa that creates comfort around the dining table. Read more about the thoughts behind Feast and the many possibilities the design provides the home with.



Choose the perfect dining table

05.03.2019, House Doctor, Kitchen

Are you in doubt about which dining table you should choose? Then read here. At House Doctor we have gathered a number of tips and tricks that might help you. 


Mix chairs around the dining table

25.02.2019, House Doctor, Kitchen

At House Doctor, we love original combinations and personal looks. Here, you can see how to ensure an elegant look when mixing different chairs around your dining table.


5 must-haves in natural shades

07.01.2019, House Doctor, Kitchen

At House Doctor, we have a large range of wonderful kitchen accessories. Therefore, we have gathered 5 must-haves for your kitchen that you simply cannot live without.



Table settings for everyday and special occasions

10.09.2018, House Doctor, Kitchen

Whether you are expecting guests for dinner or just serve dinner for your family an ordinary Monday, the table decoration will take part in making the meal an extraordinary experience.