No more dry lips

11.01.2019, Meraki, Skin care

Are you also tired of dry and chapped lips? Don't worry! At Meraki, we have a couple of tips on how to keep your lips beautiful and soft all year round.


Skincare tips for winter

11.12.2018, Meraki, Skin Care

When the temperature drops your skin will start to act differently. Your skin will perhaps feel extra sensitive, tight, red or itchy? With a number of tips, we will help you bring your skin back on track.


Do you need a serum?

28.11.2018, Meraki, Skin care 

Do you know the difference between a serum and a day creme? Here, we will tell you the difference, so you know what a serum provides your skin with. 

Psst... At Meraki we have two different serum that will help you and your skin.


Know your oil

19.10.2018, Meraki, Skin care

The lovely multi oil from Meraki Pure contains four different nourishing oils which provide your skin with something extra. Read more about the different oils and the function of them right here…


DIY bodyscrub

01.09.2018, Meraki, Skin care

A proper scrub removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation and provides the skin with a renewed glow. You can get the recipe for our three homemade body scrubs which are made from Meraki Pure Oil and only require few ingredients.


Guide to dry brushing

07.08.2018, Meraki, Skin care

Make your skin ready for summer through the use of dry brushing which provides your skin with a lovely feeling of well being and furthermore holds numerous of good qualities.


Pamper your hands & feet

06.08.2018, Meraki, Skin care

We all identify the feeling of dry hands and feet – especially in the colder periods. With the moisturising socks and gloves from Meraki you can easily care for your hands and feet by providing moisture – and at the same time enjoy a moment of self-pampering.


Guide to our make-up brushes

01.08.2018, Meraki, Skin care

Meraki has created a set of make-up brushes which come in a nice suede clutch. The set contains 7 different pencils and brushes with different purposes. Here, you can find a guide on how to use and maintain our make-up brushes.