Packing list for your camping trip

17.04.2019, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

Spring has finally arrived, and the lovely weather invite to outdoor activities and cosiness. Here at Nicolas Vahé, we feel like going on a trip in the green nature. Therefore, we have made a packing list with everything you need for a cosy camping trip. 


4 perfect recipes for the Easter lunch

15.04.2019, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

At Nicolas Vahé, we have created 4 delicious Easter inspired recipes. The recipes are perfect for the delicious lunch table – for instance for this year’s Easter lunch. 


5 ideas for new variants of twist bread over fire

28.03.2019, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

Can you think of something cosier than sitting around a bonfire while baking twist breads with your loved ones? At Nicolas Vahé, we love twist bread and therefore, we give you 5 ideas for new, delicious variants of the classic twist bread. Enjoy! 


Outdoor movie night

20.03.2019, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

Take a computer or tablet with you outside and create a movie night in the open air. Bring lots of soft pillows and blankets together with a couple of drinks and movie snacks. 


Reuse with Nicolas Vahé

11.02.2019, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

What do you do with the containers from Nicolas Vahé’s products when they are empty? Do you throw them out? If so, you might want to read this. We provide you with 3 good ideas about how you can reuse the containers in a new and exciting way. 


Go offline with Nicolas Vahé

16.01.2019, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

During a hectic weekday, you sometimes need to slow down and go offline for a moment. We provide you with a guide of 5 things you can do while being offline. 


New year, new habits

02.01.2019, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

On the occasion of the new year, we provide you with some tips on how to make a difference in your everyday life – just by use of some simple, good habits 


All you need for New Year’s Eve

20.12.2018, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

At Nicolas Vahé, we are well underway with the preparations for New Year. We have gathered our best tips on how to create a sensational New Year’s Eve right here. 


4 drinks for the celebration

07.12.2018, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

Christmas and New Year mean cosy gatherings and delicious drinks. Do you need some inspiration for drinks you could serve for your next celebration? We have gathered 4 must-try drinks, so take a look here.


Gifts for your dear ones

04.12.2018, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

Christmas is the time of joy – can you think of something better than showing your love with a small present? We provide you with a guide of small delicacies which you can easily wrap up and give to one of your loved ones.


Open & eat

29.11.2018, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

At Nicolas Vahé we want to make it easier for you to arrange cosy gatherings with good friends – without using all the time in the kitchen. Therefore, we have made products that just need to be opened and placed on the table.


Small bites with great taste

27.09.2018, Nicolas Vahé, Tips & tricks

Small servings are great for a cosy weekend brunch or a cosy get-together with good friends. Use small serving boards, glasses and jars to make your table stand out.