The ultimate to-do list

05.12.2018, Monograph, Tips & tricks

Do you find it difficult to grasp all of your to-does? Monograph has gathered a range of tips on how to optimise your to-do list in the best possible way - take a look here.


5 ideas for the notice board

27.11.2018, Monograph, Tips & tricks

Are you in doubt about what you can use a notice board for? Then do not despair! Monograph has made a list of 5 practical and decorative ideas for your notice board.


Trouble with the gift wrapping?

14.11.2018, Monograph, Tips & tricks

Monograph has a tip for how you can easily and elegantly wrap your presents in a perfect way using few tools and materials.


Add your personal mark

07.11.2018, Monograph, Tips & tricks

Go back to basic. Let your creativity run wild and experience how you can add a personal mark to pretty much anything by using a stamp and ink.


Easy and colourful gift-wrapping

31.10.2018, Monograph, Tips & tricks

Monograph has collected a number of ideas on how you can wrap a present in the most beautiful way.


7 tips for an effective day at work

24.10.2018, Monograph, Tips & tricks

Sometimes it is difficult to prioritise tasks during the work day, many plans even end up being completely forgotten or solved in a rush. That is why Monograph has assembled a couple of ideas for you on how to make your working day more efficient.


Make moments memorable

17.10.2018, Monograph, Tips & tricks

Make memories and experiences a part of your décor by use of lovely mobiles for photos. Monograph has gathered a number of tips on how to integrate memorable moments.


How to pack efficiently

10.10.2018, Monograph, Tips & tricks

With a limited amount of space available in your bag or hand luggage, it can be difficult to find out what to bring and what to leave at home. Monograph has found some tips and tricks for packing your hand luggage in the best possible way.


Travel checklist

03.10.2018, Monograph, Tips & tricks

Wherever you are going, a checklist is a must-have to ensure that you have remembered and packed everything you need. We at Monograph have made a checklist of the most important things to remember when you are going on a journey.