Bohemian dreams

07.09.2018, House Doctor, Trends
Bohemian is about tons of different textiles. Place pillows and carpets together with creative patterns and beautiful colours randomly to create a home filled with warmth and personality.

A room for 'hygge'

Create a relaxing corner where you can read peacefully. Start out by discovering the perfect spot. It could be a sunny place close to a window or in a quiet corner in your living room. Place a soft and comfortable chair and add some details of tree to create a feeling of peace and balance.

A casual atmosphere

When you are having guests, it is about making them feel comfortable and welcome in your home – here, a mix of chairs and soft textiles is the trick. In this way, you can create a causal and peaceful atmosphere.

It is easy to create. Try to use candlesticks in different forms and heights – they will bring warmth to the dining table whether they are lighted or not.