Decorate with glass!

28.01.2019, House Doctor, Trends

For many years, ceramics has been one of the biggest trends in home décor, but glass is slowly overtaking that position. Glass as part of the home décor has become a popular topic when talking about different trends – and we understand why! Glasses come in a multitude of different colours, shapes and textures, and yet the material always manages to maintain its elegant nature. House Doctor has collected 3 tips on what the popular material can do to any home décor.

1. A unique mix
By mixing different types of glass in your décor, you can create the most gorgeous, dynamic liveliness in your home.

Tip… Put together a display or decorate your home with the Twice series from House Doctor that brings together matte and coloured glass in the same lamp design.

2. Glass with textures
Unique textures set a very special atmosphere in the home, both when you use the glass as a candle holder or to enjoy a nice glass of wine. As soon as the light hits the glass, reflections light up that are just as decorative as the glass itself.

3. Alternative glass in the decor
We love the original and transparent features that are part of the naturalness of glass. Bring edge and personality into the home with decorative glass sculptures.