We love #1

Integrate vases of glass into your decor to create a bright and elegant contrast to the dark and cold time of the year. The new collection of glass vases from House Doctor will fit perfectly into the living room as well as your bedroom and can easily be combined with a simple bunch of flowers, plants or stems.

We love #2

This season is all about comfort and cosiness! Soft textiles in different patterns will provide the decor with warmth and depth. In the new selection, pillows of silk in different colours and patterns are designed to be mixed and matched – so just throw yourself into it and release your creativity by combining pillows in different shades, sizes and textures. This is the easy and perfect way to create a unique and personal home.


We love #3

In any event, a beautiful set is of high importance when you want to create the perfect atmosphere for the evening. The new glasses from House Doctor are perfect whether it is an ordinary weekday evening or a special occasion. With their different shapes and patterns you can easily create a unique table arrangement for your cosy dinners.

We love #4

One of the major trends at the moment is the need for flexibility – in other words, interior that has more than just one function. Whether it is for storage, a short rest or as a nice table, this piece of interior from House Doctor will undoubtedly combine functionality with aesthetics at a high level.

We love #5

Tree has never been as popular as now – understandably. The wonderful material brings a unique warmth and comfort to the home which no other material is capable of. Therefore, House Doctor introduces this lovely side table in teakwood. The warm shades and textures will fill your home with an inviting and casual atmosphere.

We love #6

Textiles with ethnic patterns are one of the must-haves this season. By discovering the perfect balance between patterns, colours and textures, you can create a laid-back look which is extremely inviting at the same time. This lovely bedspread has a beautiful, graphic pattern which is combined with pure and simple lines to create a modern and Nordic bohemian-look. 

We love #7

Sculptural lamps are one of the trends this season due to their unique light and ability to make the décor extra personal. The asymmetric design of the beautiful lamp makes it both sculptural and charismatic – and at the same time, it is able to change the appearance of the room completely!

We love #8

Regardless of the size, the outdoor area is the place for enjoyment and recharging – a place that invites to relaxation and having fun. To create the perfect place of refuge it is essential to organise the outdoor area - just as you would do inside your home.