5 items with organic shapes

04.02.2019, House Doctor, Trends

There is something voluminous about round shapes – something so special that it is a must-have for any home right now! Whether it is small decorative items or larger elements, round shapes will help soften the hard edges in the home. It is all about stimulating the senses. In addition to being easy on the eye, all of the products in the home should also be comfortable to touch. That is why we have gathered a small range of items from the House Doctor collection that all have round, soft shapes in common.


Organic shapes appear in many different ways. This gorgeous vase comes in a unique drop shape that will complement everything from the tableware on your dining table to other round vases on the windowsill.


A candle holder is not just something that holds a candle. By combining a gorgeous candle holder with a round, organic shape in the décor, you can create a voluminous look in your home.


This vase has an organic design that creates a wonderful atmosphere in the home. The elegant expression of the vase means that you do not have to pair it with flowers to make it a unique and eye-catching element.


Combine the large sofa in your home with a round pouffe to showcase the beauty of contrasts.


Mirror, mirror on the wall ... Who has the softest shapes in their assortment of them all?