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18.02.2019, House Doctor, Trends
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In this season, it time to focus on the beauty of the contrasts. By combining ethnic prints, rustic surfaces and natural materials, we are able to create homes that exude warmth and personality. We at House Doctor have gathered 9 of the most popular favourites this season that both together and separately sum up the most popular trends this spring.

Rough and raw

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The beauty of the tactile brings us to the nature’s materials and textures – and these authentic vases are designed on this basis.



Ethnic inspiration

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This season, we turn to other cultures for inspiration. Decorative items are a great way to add subtle elements of visual contrast to your home décor.

The Aljeco vases are sculptural and reminiscent of beautiful African craft. Place them on the floor to add height and depth to the interior.

Versatile glass organisers

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A cabinet is not just a practical storage element that decorate our home. It also provides our decor with style and an authentic look in a personal way.



A season of contrasts

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This season is all about playing with contrasts and creating uplifting combinations of colours and materials, and the Anit candleholders are a minimalistic contrast to many of the other items that are trending.

The golden brass creates a warm atmosphere and the clean design adds a simple, yet beautiful touch to the interior. The candleholders come in different sizes and heights and can be mixed and matched to create a perfectly imperfect look.

Tactile imperfection

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Once again, we welcome plants in our home, but this time, it will be in beautiful jars and pots that will provide the decor with an authentic look.


Contrasting glass

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One of this season’s big trends is decorative glass. Glass is a material full of contrasts: It’s delicate, yet strong and subtle, yet artistic.

The Utla glass vases are handcrafted and expressive with their tactile surface and beautiful shades of colour. Each piece is made by hand and completely unique.

Handcrafted items

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In this season, nature leads us to the rustic and tactile – and the series, Ras, is a perfect example of what humans and nature can achieve together.



Glass in 100 ways

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Glass in all kinds of shapes, colours and textures is trending. The elegant material is an excellent way to refresh your home for a new season.

The Facet candleholders are decorative, and the tinted glass illuminates your home while adding a subtle touch of colour that will reflect beautifully when used with lit candles.

Mix and match the colours as you like for a casual, yet stylish look.

Stay connected to nature

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Soft textiles bring comfort to our home, and in this season, we combine the soft material with the love for the ethnic print.