Vinaigrette with Raspberries

Our vinegar with raspberry purée comes with a wonderful and round flavour that has a tangy twist at the same time. Enjoy this fantastic product as a companion to sauces and salads as well as red meat, chicken and fish. You can also try it with salmon or Carpaccio for a new and exciting dish. Once opened: store in a cool place. Consume within 3 months.


alcohol vinegar 42%; raspberry purée (raspberries 90 %, sugar) 39%; sugar; stabiliser: arabic gum; preservative: potassium sorbat


  • energy_kj530
  • energy_kcal125
  • fat0.2
  • -  fat_mono_saturated0
  • -  fat_saturated_acids0.1
  • -  fat_poly_unsaturated0
  • carbohydrate25.4
  • -  carbohydrate_sugar25.3
  • fiber0
  • protein0.6
  • salt0.01