Dark chocolate with licorice and chili

This delicious dark chocolate with a cocoa content of minimum 73% is complemented by the wonderful taste of liquorice and chilli that come together in this delightful chocolate bar. Take it with you on the go if you are craving something sweet, or share it with someone you care about. You can also use it in desserts for a new and exciting twist. Store closed in a cool and dry place. This product is heat-sensitive and can therefore not be delivered in certain periods. Contact us for more info.


98% dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla flavouring); 1% Espelette chilli; 1% liquorice extract; Cocoa solids in chocolate: 73% minimum


  • energy_kj2320
  • energy_kcal560
  • fat42
  • -  fat_mono_saturated0
  • -  fat_saturated_acids28
  • -  fat_poly_unsaturated0
  • carbohydrate33
  • -  carbohydrate_sugar27
  • fiber0
  • protein8
  • salt0.4