Granola w. Apple, Pecan Nut and Cherry

The most delicious gluten-free granola from Nicolas Vahé is full of apples, pecan nuts and cherries. All ingredients are of high quality, which ensures the very best taste experience, each time. Nicolas Vahé’s granola is a luxury product out of the ordinary, and is ideal for when you need a delicious treat. The product contains no added sugar, and the wonderful combination of ingredients will give you energy and make you satisfied, in a nice way. The granola is perfect with milk, on top of yoghurt or as a topping on ice cream, an addition to a dessert or as a healthy snack eaten on its own.


40.7% apples; 11.5% pecan nuts; 10.5% pumpkin seeds; 10% brazil nuts; 5.9% sour cherry; 5.9% maple sugar; 5.4% dessicated coconut; 3.6% coconut oil; 3% cashew nuts; 2% sunflower seeds; 1.1% ginger; 0.2% cinnamon; 0.2% Himalayan pink salt.


  • energy_kj1467.7
  • energy_kcal350.8
  • fat29.7
  • -  fat_mono_saturated0
  • -  fat_saturated_acids9.5
  • -  fat_poly_unsaturated0
  • carbohydrate19.6
  • -  carbohydrate_sugar10.6
  • fiber6.4
  • protein7.2
  • salt0.5