Dressing w/ Garlic, Oregano & Balsamic

Tasty dressing from Nicolas Vahé with garlic, oregano and balsamic. The dressing is the perfect accompaniment for a fresh Greek salad with cucumber, peppers, red onion, feta and olive, or as a dip for a freshly baked loaf of bread. The dressing is made of cold-pressed rapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, oregano and garlic oil and it therefore has a wonderful, seasoned taste.


Cold pressed rapeseed oil; 19.7% balsamic vinegar; oregano; garlic oil.


  • energy_kj3030.4
  • energy_kcal736.8
  • fat79.2
  • -  fat_mono_saturated0
  • -  fat_saturated_acids5.52
  • -  fat_poly_unsaturated0
  • carbohydrate3.4
  • -  carbohydrate_sugar3
  • fiber0
  • protein0.1
  • salt0