Dressing w/ Honey & Mustard

Add plenty of flavour to your salads with this classic salad dressing from Nicolas Vahé. The dressing is made as classic vinaigrette with cold-pressed rapeseed oil, cider and white wine vinegar, whole grain mustard, water, honey and lemon juice. The dressing has plenty of sweetness and fits perfectly with a crunchy salad or as a dip for delicious, freshly baked bread.


Rapeseed oil; 28% honey; cider vinegar; white wine vinegar; 13% whole grain mustard (ground mustard seeds, water, wine vinegar, honey, salt); concentrated lemon juice.


  • energy_kj1500.5
  • energy_kcal357.3
  • fat29.3
  • -  fat_mono_saturated0
  • -  fat_saturated_acids2
  • -  fat_poly_unsaturated0
  • carbohydrate22.2
  • -  carbohydrate_sugar22
  • fiber0
  • protein1.2
  • salt0.5