Food recall

House Doctor A/S recalls Nicolas Vahé Hummus "Beetroot & Pistachios” and “Carrots & Dill”, that has been sold in this store. The product contains sesame. Sesame is an allergen, which must be mentioned and highlighted in the list of ingredients. By mistake sesame has not been mentioned in the list of ingredients.

If you purchased Nicolas Vahé Hummus, Beetroot & Pistachios and/or Nicolas Vahé Hummus, Carrots & Dill you ought to throw it away or return it to the store.

It is a case of:
Nicolas Vahe Hummus, Beetroot & Pistachios
Net content: 130 g.
Best before: 06.03-2019 and 14.05.2019 and 18.05-2019 and 23.05.2019
EAN-code no.: 5707644511330
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Nicolas Vahe Hummus, Carrots & Dill
Net content: 130 g.
Best before: 06.03.2019 and 14.05.2019 and 23.05.2019
EAN-code no.: 5707644514881
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People with allergies to sesame may have an allergic reaction, if they eat the product. People who suffers from allergies to sesame should avoid eating the product. The product can be returned to the store where it was purchased, or it should be thrown away.

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